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"This app couldn't be simpler to use, it really couldn't.
I mean if you're not using this you're making your life a lot harder... It's more valuable than any other tool that I have here."
- Brian Phelps, PGA Professional
The Benefits of PGA.Coach
Ease of Entry
ADM introduces the right aspects of play in a structure that is fun, engaging, and progressively challenging allowing golfers of all ages to experience the challenges and joys of our sport for years to come.
Tools for Success
Through the PGA Coach App, PGA and LPGA Members can get access to activity planning, notetaking and assessment tools that make it easy to quickly start applying ADM principles.
Building Business
ADM was designed by sports scientists to align physical and psychological development to stages delivering appropriate skills and exercise at the appropriate time.
Why ADM Is Right For You
We are bringing the American Development Model to Golf
Let's maximize each athlete’s potential; create well-rounded athletes and develop principles that create life-long golfers and athletes for generations. Now is the time to start your journey with PGA.Coach education, and gain access to all of the tools you need to create passionate students and life-long golfers.
"I would tell other CMAA Members to definitely have their PGA Professionals go out and get the training for this program and implement it at their club. It really has resulted in a great experience for our juniors here."
- Kimberly Perez, COO/CFO, Golf Club of Avon
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The training is available to you on any device: Mobile, Tablet or Desktop and you're free to stop-and-go or move at your own pace through the process. Based on current completion rates, the training takes approximately two hours.
Start your journey today with PGA.Coach education, to access all the benefits of PGA.Coach and lay the foundation to grow sport participation for a lifetime.