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Bringing the American Development Model to golf

Let's maximize each athlete's potential; create well-rounded athletes and develop principles that create life-long golfers and athletes for generations. Now is the time to start your journey with PGA.Coach training, and gain access to all of the tools you need to create passionate students and life-long golfers.

Why Does ADM Work?

American Development Model was designed by sports scientists to help support a lifetime affinity to sports, and to develop athletes to their greatest potential. These principles align physical and psychological development to stages, delivering appropriate skills and exercise at the appropriate time.

How Does ADM Work?

Creating positive experiences early, for all athletes, will keep more players engaged and retained in our sport. Introducing the right aspects of play in a structure that is fun, engaging, and progressively challenging, allows golfers of all ages to experience the challenges and joys of our sport.

What Is The ADM?

Golf's new pathway is built on the principles of the American Development Model (ADM), a proven, long-term athlete development model that has been successfully applied to USA Hockey, USOC, USA Basketball and USA Lacrosse.

“I received my ADM-Golf Certification just a few days ago. I am really excited about integrating Stages 2-3-4 into my OFGC PGA JL Program. This new approach is a game changer and I am excited to be on the ground floor.”
- Jex H. Wilson, PGA Master Professional

How to Explain Each ADM Age and Stage to Parents

Active Start
GIRLS: 0-6BOYS: 0-6

Gets kids moving and eventually linking those smaller movements together in play.

GIRLS: 6-8BOYS: 6-9

Develops movement skills for play focused on fun, inclusive, multisport, and developmentally appropriate activities.

Learn to Play
GIRLS: 8-11BOYS: 9-12

Further develops all fundamental movement skills and teaching of general golf skills.

Play to Improve
GIRLS: 11-15BOYS: 12-16

Introduces training to further develop golf specific skills based around puberty and growth spurts.

Play to Compete
GIRLS: 15-21BOYS: 16-23

Teaches golfers to perform under a variety of conditions during training encouraging the athlete’s competitive spirit

Play to Win
GIRLS: 18+BOYS: 19+

Reinforces, refines and optimizes technical, tactical and ancillary skills with an end goal of winning.

Play Golf for Life

Encourages fun and inclusive programing for golfers of all ages and ability levels.

Get Started

Your PGA.Coach training is quick and easy and begins HERE. Approximate duration two hours. Any Device: Mobile Tablet, Desktop. Move at your own pace, resource library etc.

1. Get Certified

PGA.Coach training is interactive video training designed to give a deeper understanding of the Seven Stages of ADM and how to incorporate them into a facility plan. The training takes two hours to complete.

2. Get Your Profile

PGA Coach Profiles is a new product designed to help you market yourself to the millions of people that visit PGA.com monthly. Leverage the PGA brand to find new customer leads for your coaching business and so much more.

3. Get the App

Through the PGA Coach App, PGA and LPGA Members can get access to activity planning, notetaking and assessment tools that make it easy to quickly start applying ADM principles.

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The Benefits of PGA.Coach

American Development Model is essential for growing the sport and vital to you and your employer's success. PGA.Coach resources will enable you to promote your business through our marketing services so you can sell and retain customers at an executive level.

The American Development Model Certificate and PGA.Coach will allow PGA Professionals to evolve and adapt to the changes in the game and to a new generation of players. Start your journey today with a PGA.Coach education; access all the benefits of PGA.Coach and lay the foundation to grow sport participation for a lifetime.


Teaching & Coaching

Provides coaches with tools to better teach and market their services to current and perspective clients.

Golf Operations

Driving more play. People who play better golf, play more golf. And this comes with an increased spend in all areas of the facility.

Executive Management

Selling and retaining customers. Great coaching will retain members who develop meaningful realtionships with their coach.

“ADM does a great job of reinforcing what a lot of us have already been doing, but brings it to the forefront for all coaches. I have been through far too many PGA educations to count and this one was by FAR the best from a content, production value, assessment etc. Head and shoulder above anything else.”
- Cameron Milton, Head Golf Professional at Polson (Montana) Bay Golf Course, 2018 PGA Youth Player Development Award Winner.