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The PGA of America is pleased that you’ll be a part of Coach Profiles. This dynamic platform will help run your business and grow your brand while reaching millions who want to improve their games.
We’ve designed the profile form to easily capture all of the key information that prospects look for when searching for a coach. Make your profile stand out and complete as many fields as possible. Here are some quick tips before you log in to complete your profile:
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These fields are self explanatory but do ensure all information is accurate. PRO TIP: Prospects make quick judgments based on your photos. Make sure what you upload looks friendly, open and accessible.


In this field you have 1,000 words to describe yourself. As with your photos, you can make a real impression here. Don’t be afraid to reveal things about yourself like inspirations, heroes, and your own goals and philosophy about the game and coaching.


If you have a presence on any social platforms, copy and paste the URL to your personal pages next to the appropriate social media icon.


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Again, prospects like seeing photos within your profile. Make sure the ones you upload here are the best of your best.


It’s fine to copy and paste information from your facility’s website in these fields. Just ensure all of the information is accurate. In Facility Offerings, if you paste nothing in this field, please click the delete button to eliminate empty fields in your profile.

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These fields are tick boxes. Check all that apply to you. If there are no specific tools you want to list in this field, please click the delete button to eliminate empty fields in your profile.
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